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Not all soaps are created equal.  At Babylon Tree we are committed to providing our customers with only the best quality ingredients to make a soap that not only cleanses skin but will provide a whole host of benefits to body and soul.  By using only high quality products made from 100% natural sources, we can eliminate harmful chemicals that are often some of the first ingredients you’ll find in the soaps of common household brands.  Our suppliers are certified fair trade; we care about the well being of the farmers behind the scenes who put heart and soul into growing the best herbs available for making the pure essential oils that we source from around the world. Essential oils are derived from plants and the practise of using these beneficial oils to increase health and well being has been in use for thousands of years. Each bar of our premium soaps are handcrafted in the United Kingdom, are SLS/SLES free, contain only natural colours, are palm free and vegan friendly.

Lavender & Seeds

Powerful and pure lavender essential oil refreshes the skin in our bar of Lavender & Seeds soap.  This triple milled soap contains shea butter, a wonderful moisturizer, and will lather up beautifully, releasing the scent of both French and English lavender seeds and flowers.  Lavender oil is very versatile, wonderful used on its own or in a blend with other oils to create a unique scent.  You probably already know that lavender is used in relaxation techniques, and that it calms the body and mind.  Did you know that it’s also largely beneficial for healing skin of cuts, bruises, irritations and burns?  Besides being one of the loveliest of aromas, lavender can help you improve your overall skin condition and even reduce pain and inflammation.

White Musk and Sandalwood soap (with activated charcoal)

Our White Musk and Sandalwood soap is so blissfully creamy that it can double as a daily shampoo or even as a shaving bar.  It’s safe for those with sensitive skin and with plenty of shea butter, will lend itself to leaving skin feeling soft and moisturized.  Our Musk oil is sourced from the United Arab Emirates where we can guarantee alcohol free oil that is animal cruelty free.  Musk oil is antifungal, antiseptic, an antioxidant and antimicrobial.  It’s also a well known astringent and will hydrate and purify your skin as well as help to remove built up toxins.  Our Sandalwood oil can bring on better clarity and like lavender, is calming and perfect oil for those who need to de stress.  It has many health benefits, including alleviating symptoms of depression and an aid for proper digestion.  The activated charcoal will disinfect wounds and draw bacteria, chemicals, and other particles to the surface of your skin, where it can be quickly rinsed away.

Honey and Oatmeal soap

New Zealand Manuka honey and British oats combine into our delightful Honey and Oatmeal soap.  It’s the perfect combination to soothe skin and reduce both irritation and dryness.  The texture of our soap is a wonderful natural exfoliate to buff away dead skin and leave only new, fresh skin to face the world.  Oatmeal has a natural oil which moisturizes, cleanses and then protects skin’s surface while helping to rebalance skin’s PH levels, which can reduce itchiness or inflammation.  Manuka honey has incredible healing properties for cuts and other wounds and is antifungal, an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral!  It can reduce redness and relieve eczema, and is able to draw bacteria out of the skin which improves acne prone skin.

 Patchouli and Charcoal soap

Once you smell intoxicating patchouli, you never forget it.  Patchouli essential oil calms and balances oils in your skin for the treatment of acne, dermatitis and eczema.  Charcoal can draw toxins and oil from the skin, disinfect, and help treat the signs of acne and ageing.  The Ghanian shea butter that these oils are blended with is luxurious and will leave skin feeling clean and soft.  This is a wonderfully scented bar with benefits for both your skin and your senses.  Use it every day on both your body and face.

Litsea Cubeba and Bergamot soap

This gentle soap has a velvety feel that will support your skin’s natural moisture and will perfectly nourish skin while repairing damaged areas.  Litsea Cubeba is lemony scented oil that is also known by the name “May Chang”.  It can be used in the treatment of back pain, asthma as well as to improve proper digestion.  It can also reduce appearance of pores and balance oily skin.  Bergamot is a citrus scented oil that deodorizes, is antibiotic, and acts as an antidepressant and a disinfectant!  Blended with shea butter, let this soap leave skin feeling fresh and moisturized.

This article was written by Nina Wells from Clearwells. She has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.
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