Introducing BabylonTree

Aromatherapy is the practice of using volatile plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being. The plants from which we now derive essential oils had been used for thousands of years before the technique of distilling oils was discovered. Here at we are proud to offer the purest essential oils, carefully sourced from different part of the World. We use those oils to produce World’s finest soap bars! Each soap is hand-crafted by careful combination of pure oils, herbs and extracts that benefit your skin in various ways.

100% Purity guaranteed on All of our products!

Babylon Tree Soaps

Quality Designed by Nature

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We are proud to provide highest quality products made from 100% natural sources. All our products are free of any harmful chemicals that are used by most of the common and known brands on the high street.

Certified Suppliers

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We believe in quality as well as social responsibility, therefor we only purchase our resources from certified suppliers around the world to ensure that fair trade and general well being of the farmers are kept up to the good standards.


Made in UK

All of our luxurious soaps are made in United Kingdom. Our bath accessories and essential oils come from various regions of the globe and are quality tested and  packaged in the UK.