Here are few simple terms of service for all brand ambassadors (otherwise known as “Distributors” or “Affiliates” of the Babylon Tree brand).

Basic Commission Structure

As our Brand Ambassador you will be entitled to 20% commission of customers that you referred.

All customers who clicked on your referral link and made a purchase within 30 days will be automatically assigned under your name.

Additionally You will earn additional 10% commission from any future purchases of that customer.

MLM – Team Earnings

We have created 3 levels of team building structure. The link used for acquiring customers is also used to acquire Brand Ambassadors who will automatically be assigned to your first level team. You will earn 10% commission of all purchases made by their customers.

Level 2 commission structure provides You with 5% of the sales made by your team on that level.

Level 3 will also reward You with extra 1% commission

Brand Ambassador Discount

As Brand Ambassador You are entitled to 20% discount on ALL of our products. To get a discount code You will simply have to message us to get one created.

After completing registration simply email us to get the unique code.

Getting Paid:

We pay our Brand Ambassadors via PayPal or Bank Transfer. Once the commission threshold reached £20 You can request a payout and we will transfer the funds to You within 48 hours.

You can also add the funds to your wallet and use it to purchase products from our store. Choice is yours!