candle-sandCandle making has been an art performed since ancient times, and over the centuries has only improved not just in the way we do it, but also it has become a hobby cherished by millions of people.

Almost everybody has a candle or two in their homes, and with the the power of the internet we have unlimited access to large variety of scents and designs.  It can be very costly pleasure as some brands are charging even £20-30 for their candles, not mentioning certain extreme situation where You might even have to fork out £50 or more.

Why not to try making your own? Well, if you really like candles you can make them at a fraction of the price of those that you buy. You can freely choose your preferred colours, shapes, and you can add the fragrance of your choice as well. It doesn’t take long to make it and You can use any glass or metal container that is laying around your home. (empty nutella jars are great for that).

candle-sand-1However, candle making is a hobby that You should always apply safety measures. Obviously You are working with very hot wax, and if not handled correctly, the candle wax can  catch fire (flashpoint). It could be disastrous so don’t cut any corners when dealing with wax. It really does pay to read all the safety tips and know all about the wax that you are using.

It really is a very economical hobby, so don’t go looking for cost cutting by using old wax. that has been lying around the house. You never know what is in it. Use good clean wax that you have bought and handled correctly, then the chance of any problem is much, much less.

You can even choose already scented and coloured wax for your candles. BabylonTree has premium quality candle wax sand that is easy to use and you can simply pour the sand into the jar or a tin, insert a wick or two and you are ready to go! Their wax is already scented with 100% natural oils, however You can always add your own fragrance to the composition.

So, to help you here are some safety tips:

awa1. Never leave unattended wax on top of a hot stove

2. Know the temperature util the ‘flashpoint’ of any wax that you use.

3. Always use a thermometer in your wax

4. Never put the wax in a pot and straight on the heat. Try to use a double boiler for melting your wax as this slowly melts the wax at a safe speed.

5. Remember that wax is flammable! Never keep wax near an open flame,

6. Use cotton gloves to handle molds.

7. Keep a pile of old newspapers handy in case of spillage on the floor or bench top.

8. Keep a chemical fire extinguisher handy in case of fire.

9. Wear protective clothing in case of spillage and if you get wax on your skin run it under cold water immediately.

10. Never pour molten wax down the sink – it will block it.


Just as other DIY project, it takes a little time to master the art of candle making, but there are some very easy techniques to learn in the early stages to make stunning candles.

Start with easy projects and progress through to the more difficult ones later.

If you are planning to sell your candles then make sure you use good quality products so that you keep getting those repeat sales. Use natural ingredient whenever You can!

As our motto says:

“The True QUALITY is always designed by NATURE”

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